Bordering the National Park of Abruzzi, this area is probably one of the most authentic and non-touristy you can still find in Central Italy on the way south from Rome to Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi coast.

  • Zipline Flying in the Sky Rocca Massima photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Cori Hercules temple photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Rocca Massima olive groves
  • Zipline Flying in the sky Rocca Massima wire photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Zipline Flying in the sky Rocca Massima photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Monti Lepini trekking
  • Bassiano ham prosciutto
  • Valvisciolo abbey cloister photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Norba Norma walls photo by Silvia Prosperi

The longest zipline in Europe (2225 mt) is located not far from Rome, 70 km south, near Cori. The little town hosting this attraction is called Rocca Massima and it’s part of the chain of Monti Lepini. Being the tallest town in the province of Latina (746 mt over sea level), from here you enjoy a great view embracing the Castelli Romani and the Pontine Islands at the same time. 

This experience will give you the thrill of the flight in total security,  and you can share this little adventure with a partner, making the moment even more memorable. Children and people with disabilities can fly too, alone or in couple.  

During the flight you’ll be suspended up to 210 mt over the fields of olives trees and you’ll have enough time to enjoy the natural landscape underneath. You do not need any preparation nor equipment and it is not as scary as it might seem (I tested it and I can tell!), despite reaching a speed of 150 Km per hour. A cold drink at the end of the wire waits for you, to release the adrenaline and collect the emotions. 

Complete your day trip:

archaeo fans

Traditionally of Latin foundation, the nearby town of  Cori  played an active part in Rome’s early wars with the Volsci and Aurunci peoples, but the site lost much of its importance when bypassed by the Appian Way, six miles to the southwest. On the summit of the upper town stands the small Doric temple of the god Hercules (89–80 BC). Below, terraced down the hillside, are three concentric lines of fortification walls of cyclopean masonry dating back to the V century BC. There is also a single-arched Roman bridge, the “bridge of the chain” and the remains of an ancient “via tecta”, i.e. a roofed passageway.

Not far from here lies also the abounded town of Norba, already described in our itinerary dedicated to Ninfa Gardens.

active travellers and nature lovers

Trekking is easy to practice here. First of all you can hike from the base of the zipline up to the launch platform  (it is a climb of 10 km and a difference of height of 350 mt). If you prefer something more challenging, we can ascend the Monte Lupone and reach 1378 mt after a trek of 14 km.


The nearby town of Bassiano is famous for its ham. The secret is the special gravy prepared with local wine, garlic, marine salt and pepper rubbed on the fresh pork meat before a light beechwood smoking. The fresh dry air of Bassiano (650 mt over sea level) makes the rest during the ageing of the ham, which then requires the traditional hand cut.

Other gastronomic excellences are the local bread, the mozzarella of Pontine Plain, Sonnino oil and Cori wine. A stop in Bassiano for a tasting is a perfect way to complete your day. 

relax seekers

The beach is not at a big distance, one hour drive and you reach Anzio or Nettuno to relax in a warm day and/or  eat fresh fish on the seaside. 

spiritual travellers

Discover the Abbey of Valvisciolo. In Central Italy, it’s unexpected to find to find a Cistercian monastery with a typical bare facade and interiors, along with the colourful rose window and silent cloister.



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