Bordering the National Park of Abruzzi, this area is probably one of the most authentic and non-touristy you can still find in Central Italy on the way south from Rome to Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi coast.

  • Valcomino Walk Melfa River gorge Ciociaria
  • Truffle Hunt Ciociaria
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  • MonteCassino abbey
  • Isola Liri waterfall photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Isola Liri waterfall photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Crypt of Anagni Ciociaria
  • Cassino Commonwealth Cemetery
  • Arpino Ciociaria
  • Anagni Cathedral Ciociaria

A  breath of fresh air. A place to forget about the city for good and enjoy natural landscapes, traditional cuisine and the peace of a countryside. Off-the-beaten-path, despite the presence of one of the most known abbeys in the world, Montecassino. In 529, Saint Benedict and his followers from Subiaco, chose this mountain to build a monastery that would host him and his monks. Along the centuries, the Abbey has met with magnificence and destructive times , particularly during  WWII, when it was bombed in 1944. But reconstruction has brought it back to its ancient perspective and visitors can still enjoy the cloister, the crypt and the Basilica where both St. Benedict and his sister Scolastica rest. In the museum, paintings, manuscripts and ancient books are also preserved.

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Many little towns in Ciociaria deserve a stop: Anagni, which hosted the Papal Court in the Middle Ages and still boasts a magnificent frescoed cathedral; Arpino features archaeological and medieval attractions; also Isola Liri, the only town with a small waterfall in the historical centre; Atina and Alvito in the “wild” Val Comino.


Here you can experience first hand the production of local cheese, the hunting of truffles, local wine-tasting, famous since the ancient times.  You can attend  a cooking class of regional recipes including pizza: Naples is not far away and  the pizza making tradition is very strong here!

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Several trekking paths are available in this area, which borders the National Park of Abruzzi. You also find grottoes, the lake of Posta Fibreno, castles’ ruins and some easy paths to enjoy the open fresh air.



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