The medieval town dominated by an imposing castle is famous for its volcanic lake and quiet atmosphere.

  • Sperlonga Tiberius villa grotto photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Sperlonga Tiberius villa photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Sperlonga Itri Monti Cecubi vineyard
  • Sperlonga Itri Monti Cecubi grapes
  • Sperlonga Tiberius villa photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Terracina Giove Anxur photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Terracina Lazio sea

This area, amidst hills, lakes and the sea, was favoured by illustrious ancient Romans as a holiday resort. Today the sea here is still one of the cleanest in Italy . The surrounding parks are a treasure  and have been left almost intact since ancient times. The main attraction in Sperlonga is the residential complex attributed to Emperor Tiberius and discovered in the Fifties during the construction of the modern via Flacca. It incorporates a natural sea grotto and still visible are the bath complex, the nymphaeum, part of the villa and fragments of its decoration now mostly preserved  in the nearby museum. Huge statues of the myth of Ulysses are a masterpiece not to be missed! 

Complete your day trip:

families and relax seekers

Reach the beach! This is one of the best beaches in Lazio, it would be a real a pity not to enjoy it for a couple of hours and maybe have a quick lunch on the beach. In full season, boat excursions can also be arranged and you can take a dip in the deep blue waters away from the crowds! 


We can visit a genuine hillside vineyard, which produces one of the most ancient Italian wines, the Caecubo. A local expert will explain all the phases of the growing, harvesting and wine production before the best moment arrives: the tasting! 

curious wanderers and archaeo fans

Terracina, a few miles away, features a great cliff view, including the remains of the temple of Jupiter Anxur: an imposing sanctuary of the I century BC on top of Monte S.Angelo. Below, you can still see the passage of the ancien Appian Way, where Emperor Trajan (II century AD) cut a spur of the rock to maintain a straight flat road. Terracina also preserves the ancient forum transformed into the main piazza during the Middle Ages: it is paved with ancient slabs and boasts the imposing cathedral of S. Cesareo, which is rich in cosmatesque decoration. 



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