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The medieval town dominated by an imposing castle is famous for its volcanic lake and quiet atmosphere.

Glittering waters, picturesque seaside towns, sleepy islands and clean beaches is what you can find on this portion of the Tyrrhenian coastline just few miles south from Rome. Once the heart of one of the world’s greatest civilisations, Lazio’s coastline is dotted with spectacular ruins and we can include many cultural excursions in a customised itinerary, but you can also just plan a relaxing day at sea with no other aim that enjoying the blue landscape, eating onboard, sunbathing and swimming/snorkelling. Italian coastline has much to offer to both experienced sailors and novices assisted by expert skippers.  We can sail from the picturesque fishermen borgo of Nettuno or from Ostia Lido and arrange a one-day experience or cruises of several days which may include the hidden gems called “Pontine islands”: ever heard of Ponza, Ventotene, Palmarola? These are just the three main islands of a tiny volcanic archipelago inhabited since the Neolithic times and abandoned in the Middle Ages due to constant raids by Saracens and pirates. It’s a true paradise just 22 nautical miles away from the coastline.

Complete your day trip:

relax seekers

Snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing in a quiet “caletta” (a little bay), reading a book cradled by the sea waves, sipping a glass of prosecco while the sun sets on the Mediterranean…. sailing is all this and more, do not feel compelled to sightseeing, just relax!

Archaeo fans

Main archaeological sites on the southern coastline are the harbour of Ancient Ostia, Nero’s villa on Anzio beach, Domitian’s villa in Sabaudia and the acropolis remains of mount Circeo, the temple of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina, Sperlonga’s villa attributed to Tiberius, ancient mausoleums near Formia and Gaeta, the Augustan villa on Ventotene island…. As you can see, plenty of choices to arrange a full week of archaeological explorations while you enjoy the seas life during the rest of the day.

curious wanderers

Nettuno and the Pontine islands offer nice strolls to the “explorers”. In Nettuno you can walk through the well-preserved old quarter with mediaeval streets and small squares, and the Forte Sangallo, a castle built in 1503 by Renaissance architect Antonio da Sangallo the Elder. Here also rest in peace 7800 US soldiers who lost their life here during the II World War:  this intense memorial and cemetery surely deserves a visit. More cheerful is the visit of the harbour and little village on the island of Ponza with its colourful little houses. On Santo Stefano island it is possible to visit the old jail, an Italian “Alcatraz” still in use until 1965. And finally the Roman villa on Ventotene, named after Julia, the daughter of Augustus who was exiled here by her father. 



110 pp
  • (based on 6 people occupancy) including a light lunch onboard


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