This little town south of Rome is famous for its English style garden created in 1921 for the family Caetani. It is considered one of the most romantic gardens in the world.

  • Ninfa Gardens
  • Ninfa Gardens
  • Ninfa Gardens
  • Ninfa Gardens
  • Sermoneta loggia photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Valvisciolo abbey cloister photo by Silvia Prosperi
  • Norba Norma walls photo by Silvia Prosperi

This luxuriant land, rich in water springs, has belonged to the family Caetani since the XIII century. The presence of water was not just a resource, but also a curse as malaria ravaged the ancient town of Ninfa which was eventually abandoned by the population until the beginning of the XX century. Caetani’s heirs restored the fascinating ruins of the city and converted this area into a botanical garden of rare charm. It is an oasis surrounding a little lake, which is crossed by the homonymous river Ninfa. Ancient walls, bridges and churches are still visible around the castle with its tall tower. And, the number of plants and birds are an endless surprise for nature lovers. While only a few days of the year are open to the public,  the garden ca be opened exclusively for you, a special treat for a special occasion!

Complete your day trip:

curious wanderers

We suggest a stop at the medieval town of Sermoneta, which features the castle of the family Caetani, a Renaissance loggia, the cathedral of S. Maria Assunta and its romantic alleys.

archaeo fans

The ancient Norba, a Roman colony of the fifth century BC, is the stop for you. The city, which had already declined in the first century BC after the a civil war, but the massive walls and the acropolis are preserved.

spiritual travellers

Discover the Abbey of Valvisciolo. In Central Italy, it’s unexpected to find to find a Cistercian monastery with a typical bare facade and interiors, along with the colourful rose window and silent cloister.



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