The Etruscan town of Caere is still a fascinating borgo boasting one of the most famous and charming necropolis of the ancient world.

  • Necropolis of Banditaccia Cerveteri
  • Necropolis of Banditaccia Cerveteri WikiCommons photo by Sailko
  • Cerveteri Capitals Grave WikiCommons Sailko
  • Santa Severa Castle WikiCommons photo by Giovanni Bidi
  • Santa Severa Castle and Town WikiCommons photo by Viscardo Squartini
  • Cerveteri Taurine Thermaes WikiCommons picture by MM
  • Cerveteri Coast WikiCommons

A UNESCO archeological complex just 35 km away from Rome, the necropolis of Cerveteri is one of the most interesting sites of the Etruscan civilisation. Etruscan cities were built mostly in wood and were often destroyed by the Romans. Therefore the only clues we have about their society is through their tombs, which are decorated with scenes of their daily lives. The atmosphere is surreal. The stillness and silence are almost scary amongst the 2000 “tumulus” (burial mounds). You will feel lost in time and discover the important background of ancient Roman history.

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Some of the best beaches near Rome lie around here. Notably Santa Marinella or Santa Severa. It also boasts two medieval castles literally on the shore.

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If you want to see more than the necropolis, we can add a visit at the Etruscan Museum of Cerveteri or even the famous Villa Giulia museum in Rome. The villa, built during the Renaissance,   hosts the greatest collection of Etruscan art in the world.
On the coastline, the Roman Taurine Baths of Civitavecchia are really interesting too!



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