Zipline “Flying in the Sky”

The longest zipline in Europe is in Rocca Massima, 70 kms south from Rome. You can experience a real flight of a couple of minutes surrounded by the peaceful panorama of Ciociaria countryside and reach the speed of 150 km/h. A thrilling moment in your day trip in Ciociaria.


Viterbo and around

Viterbo never fails a visitor, with romantic corners and a long history related to Popes and saints. It is a perfect destination to appreciate the life of an Italian small town, rich in cultural events and never hectic. The surroundings offer a great variety of option to build your perfect day trip.


Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio is known as “the dying town” for the process of erosion that is slowly but relentlessly erasing this ancient Etruscan site and later medieval village. A scenic bridge connects the main residential area of Bagnoregio to the “Civita” where you are surrounded by the ravins, the local “calanchi”